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FLUKLEAN Ind. Dry Cleaning System

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  • Place of Origin: Korea
  • Model Number : LFC-2030
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Fluklean is the system that uses the principle of fluidized bed to clean the residues on the parts more efficiently. The organic contaminants on the surface and inside of molds and dies or the high-molecular inorganic compounds are cleaned in the dry way to decompose and discharge the contaminants perfectly without generating any wastewater.
Fluklean Using the Principle of Fluidized Bed
  • Fluidized Bed
    The bed that keeps the Thermal Medium suspending in the space by pushing compressed air from the bottom of the cleaning equipment.
  • The Strengths of Fluidized Bed
    The fluidized Thermal Medium moves as liquid and gas, so you can use it on all surfaces of particles. Therefore, it closely and evenly attaches to all surfaces of the precise parts to clean. Also, the fluidized bed is great for thermal exchange for convenient temperature control.
*Thermal Medium : It is the best fluidized medium in terms of heat conductivity, temperature stability, consistency, and environmental friendliness. It is also very safe as it is inert.
How to Use Fluklean
I.F.C (Industrial Fluid Cleaning system) uses the principle of fluidized bed to clean the carbonized resins on the precise parts, such as Dies, Nozzles, Screws, Breaker plate or Molds, more efficiently when they are hard to reach by hands.

1. Before running I.F.C, check the level of Thermal Medium inside.
2. When the medium is heated to the set temperature (400~500) and becomes fluidized like boiling liquid, put the basket containing the items to clean into the fluidized bed.
3. When cleaning is done (generally takes 30~60 minutes), the suspending materials are sent to the dust collector and the exhaust gas can be discharged through the scrubber or the recombustion system.
Environmental Perspective
It generates 3.3 billions tons of CO2, which accelerates global climate change. The 3rd largest producer of CO2 in the world. It creates methane, which is 23X more deadly than CO2 if it goes to landfill.
Characteristics of Fluklean
No loss of parts There is no processing required before or after cleaning and the Thermal Medium is in powder format and not a chemical material for cleaning in the dry state without causing the products to corrode, wear, or deform.
Flawless cleaning The Thermal Medium is in the dry state and moves evenly to clean the unreachable surfaces.
Highly economical The fluidized Thermal Medium can always be reused in room temperature and does not combine with the impurities, so it can be used for a long time (6 months or longer).
Short cleaning time The cleaning is done in about 30 minutes~1 hour.
(※ The cleaning time may vary according to the size and weight of target items.)
Exceptional safety There is no risk of burn or fire due to explosion as it is heated indirectly and does not react with water or other chemical materials.
Space-efficient It does not require a large space to install.
Easy to operate Anyone can easily operate and use Fluklean.
Exo-friendly It does not need chemical matters at all and the gas from the operation is thoroughly purified and discharged through recombustion. Also, there are no other secondary wastes to treat.
Problems with the Existing Cleaning methods
  • Chemical Treatment
    Causes environmental pollution and exposes workers to hazards. Only dissolvable plastic materials can be cleaned and requires much time to clean. ex)SOLVENT, TCE, CFC
  • Hot Furnace
    Takes a long time to incinerate due to low heat conductivity. The mechanical parts can be distorted, so it cannot be used for precise molds.
  • Tools, Oxygen Welding, Wire Brush
    This is the oldest cleaning method that requires the longest time and wears or damages the mold most severely.
  • Hot Salt Bath
    Requires pricy Salt Medium and ongoing power supply to prevent coagulation to consume high maintenance cost. There is the risk of burn due to explosion or the cleaning water can cause corrosion or deformation due to heat.
  • Vacuum, TEG
    Costly to install the equipment and has the risk of explosion.
  • Ultrasound
    The most widely used method that cannot remove the residual polymers.
  • Dry Ice
    The surface buildups can be cleaned, but the precise molds and inside of surfaces cannot be cleaned.
Application of I.F.C(Industrial Fluid Cleaning System)
Area Parts
Textile Distributor plates, Filter elements, Mixers, Spinn
Extruded Polymer Housings, Extrusion heads, Die plates, Melt pumps, Breakerplates, etc.
Film Die plates, Distributors, Filters, Mixers, Screws, Screwelements, etc.
Injection Molding Dies, Hot runners, Needle valve nozzles, etc.
Incineration Temperature
Incineration Temperature Removable Polymer
350°C Rubber, Polycarbonate
400°C~450°C Polyethylene, PVC, Organic matter/oil/frease
425°C~450°C Polypropylene, PE
440°C~450°C Polyurethane, ABS
450°C Nylon, 6/66, Polystyrene, Styrene, Fluor polymers
450°C~480°C Ethylene methacrylic, Epoxy, Urethan
450°C~500°C Paint, Teflon, Eng/plastics, EMC, EPS, MEK
500°C Silicone rubber
  • Flusonic
    FS-50A : Full auto touch Ct'L sys.
  • Basic Supplies
    Equipment, Basket, Medium, Cyclone/Recovery Bin, Adapter Damper.
  • Optional
    Safety 3step, Hoist Crane, Working Table, Cooled Filter, Smoke Collector, Scrubber. The above supplies are subject to change without notice for improvement purposes. Various models available for desired purposes and custom models are also available.
Typical Fluid Cleaning System
  • Cleaning Furnace
    Equipment used to put and clean contaminated parts
  • Cyclone
    The suspending matters at the exhaust are collected using centrifugal force.
  • Wet/Dry Scrubber
    Harmful exhaust gas is liquefied and neutralized to discharge.
  • Smog Collector
    Reduces electric smog and fume.

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